Why do I want to run?

As a mother of four children who are currently enrolled in Matsu Schools, I understand the impact of the decisions that the School Board makes on both children and parents.

I want to be a voice for those who are closely affected by the policies enacted by the school board. I know I can bring fresh and new perspectives to our local government while maintaining the conservative values that make the Valley such a wonderful place to live.

I believe that education is not one size fits all. I would like to increase programs and educational paths that allow students to fulfill their unique potential while empowering parents to have a say in their children’s education. As a School Board member I would like to encourage cooperation between parents, teachers and administrators to ensure current and new policies serve students and families. It is important to me that our teachers feel valued, respected and appreciated so that the valley can attract and retain the most talented educators.

Meet Nichole

Nichole Smith is driven by her belief that students, parents and teachers deserve better representation in our school board. With a strong focus on transparent, accountable, and effective leadership, Nichole wants to ensure that every voice is heard and taken into account.

As your District 6 School Board Member, Nichole pledges to demonstrate a better way of listening, leading, and delivering positive impacts for the Mat-Su School District.

As a mom of four, Nichole and her family experience the challenges families face in our school district. She is deeply aware of the stress and concerns parents have regarding education, bussing, graduation requirements, curriculum changes and spending. She knows she can bring a fresh perspective to the school board while working to find creative solutions to the issues currently plaguing our district.

With an extensive background in sales, counseling, leadership training and budget management, Nichole is eager to apply her skills and expertise towards improving the Matsu School District.

As a long time Alaskan and wife to a military member, Nichole understands the qualities that make the Valley unique and extraordinary. She hopes to work with the School Board to maintain these values within our education system.

Learn about Nichole’s vision and the issues she’ll Fight for as the School Board: